About Us

Established in 2018, i4one Publishing is the official books distributor of Professionals of the Future. We are offering inspiring and technical books for any profession at any age.

Mission and Vision

Our company’s Mission and Vision is to create Extraordinary and Heroic Professionals. Thus, in the pursuit of this vision and mission, i4one Publishing strives to provide comprehensive and helpful career resources.

I4one Publishing’s first book, Pass the CPA Board Exam 10x Faster 10x Higher, is a best-selling. Having helped more than 500 reviewees pass their board exam, we have upgraded the book to Pass Any Examination 10 x Faster 10x Higher, which caters to any reviewees who will take the board exam.

To better serve its growing readership, i4one Publishing aims to reach a bigger audience yearly and to help everyone in nurturing their careers and make a community of Extraordinary Professionals.

Our Company’s Pajama’s Brand of Service

R – Relationship

O – Options

C – Communications

H – Humility

E – Extrapositivism

R – Relentlessness           


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